I’ve had my arm reaching out in this thickening fog for too long and hoping someday a hand will come and grab mine. I can’t even see five feet ahead of me. It’s been long enough for the air to begin to weigh me down but still my arm extends wishfully an empty hand while


This life is fleeting Yet it’s what I hold fast to. I don’t want it to pass me by. I ask to see Your glory but wince At the smallest shed Of light. When did I Allow myself to become So deceived as to believe Peace with God means A peaceful sojourn? I Have made

To the Saints

When you can’t raise arms in worship Because the scars have run your arms numb or apathy has made you weak Know that there is more His strength bestowed is not for you to fight alone but to empower saints to carry you through When you can’t find the faith to make it through today

Pitiful Progression

Come the middle of the day, I’m worn and torn between desires And inspirations. God take this broken Soul away from me. I try. And I try and I try And failure greets me at the Finishline. What do I do when All I want is to live Above the self that once was? All