Pitiful Progression

Come the middle of the day, I’m worn and torn between desires And inspirations. God take this broken Soul away from me. I try. And I try and I try And failure greets me at the Finishline. What do I do when All I want is to live Above the self that once was? All

Don’t Ask

Found the numb places and cut deep until the bone was severed. Sickening habits but what did they expect of one who is emotionally incompetent? I’ve tried gauging the depths of my soul, But from the edge over which I look, the valley of shadows is too dark to see a bottom to. So rather


Bravery guides you on the road that stretches copious miles long. Through tall trees, plain pastures, and crowded cities. It’s stationary but keeps you moving in scenery upon scenery, never ceasing motion. It turns; it twists. It goes seemingly slow at some locations. Having no end, it does not come full circle. You just simply

Beloved Abandoned

Arrogance and ego come at you like a bullet. But it’s the same arrogance and ego That are masking his uncertainty— The uncertainty you see in the simple passing glance. Yet little do you know it masks his doubt. The doubt is subtle; he hides it well. However, it’s just another mask. The root of

The Poetic Trajectory

The release of grief through The smooth stroke of a pen Drafts of writing—over And over again—still Bringing satisfaction. Verbalizing the mess Inside my head is the Relief I have dreamed of. An escape from the world That conceals the truth of Both anguish and joy. An Escape from the world that Demands validation For